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Out Of Order_definition:


  1.  Not functioning properly.

  2.  Inappropriate or unsuitable.

  3. Out of normal sequence.

Out Of Order is a contemporary circus collective based in Europe. We blend aerial acrobatics, dance and physical theatre to form a joined language of expression and create daring, touching and innovative performances.


Driven by the need to explore human nature, behaviour and identity, we use the familiar to make space for the universal. Our performances shift from the dark to the brilliant, from the damn stupid to the deadly serious, from the habitual into the extraordinary.


Declaring the world and its rules to be Out Of Order, our work aims to venture rather than master, to nurture circus rather than perform it, to push boundaries rather than comply with them. We ally with audiences to challenge societal and performative narratives; we investigate, analyse, break apart and put the pieces of the puzzle back together - collectively provoking our minds and hearts to question stereotypes, the reality we live in and our identities.


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