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Meeting Point

Meeting Point is a story about our physical, emotional or mental journey when we make choices. The path we choose in life as individuals and the moments our paths cross with the others. It is a meeting point between the performers and the audience where we explore how our bodies, thoughts and the nature of space repeat in patterns, until they evolve, according to the new choices that we make. It is a story about the journey of life, the random or not so random meetings with the others and where these encounters might take us.  

Choreographer: Julian Bulku


Eirini Apostolatou

Jean-Daniel Brusse

Julian Bulku

Angeliki Nikolakaki

Nikki Rummer

Music Composer: Barrice Sobolev

Photographer: Fabio Affuso


'Meeting Point was an example of just how mesmerising dance can be' - Miriam Garnett

'The increasing inter-play between choreography and circus arts has breathed fresh life into dance' - Keith Watson 

Supported by:


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National Centre for Circus Arts
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