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27/10/18: First week of residency at 101 has gone fast and steady. We feel like we've grown so much already! Amazing artists and invaluable inspiration. 

21/10/18: Great new discoveries and material came out from last weeks work with Rosamond. We're thrilled by the shape things are taken and what's come.

15/10/18: We have been selected amongst another 4 peer companies for a 2-week residency with Upswing and Certain Blacks. A very promising R&D time with guest artists talks and workshops, and a beautiful huge warehouse space at 101 Creation Centre. Newbury calls!

26/09/18: We are very excited to announce that Rosamond Martin will be joining us as external director/facilitator. This a match!

21/03/18: We have been selected amongst all Resolution companies to participate in a workshop led by Ben Duke! Can't wait to get our brains and hearts working :)

23/02/18: Once Standing was warmly received my The Place's audience! Have a look at the amazing reviews here:

19/01/18: Our next performance is at The Place on the 20th of January for Resolution 2018. Tickets and info:

09/06/15:  We are performing at Jacksons lane on the 21st of July.

For booking and information:

29/01/15: We are delighted to have performed Meeting Point at Resolution 2015@The Place. Take a look at our reviews here:

We are a UK based company that combines contemporary dance with circus. What brings us together is our common passion for performance. We blend hand to hand, acrobatics, aerial and dance in order to to cross the borders between the different techniques and art forms.

Our aim is to develop a joint language of movement, whether it takes place on the floor or in the air, using the circus apparatus or just our own bodies and create original, powerful and innovating physical performances.


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